Training Courses

We are developing a number of training courses specifically designed for breeders, dog owners, puppy owners, dog lovers and enthusiasts.

Hybrid Breeders Association Education Programme

Education is a key component in responsible breeding and dog ownership.   We have therefore developed a programme of training courses aimed at dog breeders and owners, which are listed on the form below.

If you are interested in any of these courses, please complete the form and let us know - and when we're ready to launch, you'll be in the priority list.  You can also use the form to tell us if there are any other training courses you'd like to see us offer.

Thanks for your help!

(Completing the form does not sign you up for anything!)

The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is a voluntary registration service for hybrid dog breeders in the UK.  Our goal is to promote responsible breeding of hybrid dogs, exercising the highest standards of animal welfare and raise public awareness of the basic precautions that should be taken when buying a puppy.