Breeding Advice

We’ll be building up a wealth of useful information and advice, which you’ll be able to find here

Breeding Advice

We’ll be including:

  • Advice and tips from our own HBA Registered Breeders
  • Articles which we feel would be useful to share
  • Links to the HBA Podcast and HBA YouTube channel
  • HBA A-B-C guides, useful links and contact details for related suppliers and services

Ask Yourself

Have you had puppies before, but your whelping skills are a little rusty? Have you forgotten when to change your dog’s food during pregnancy?  Or do you know what to do if a puppy gets into difficulties after it is born? Do you know when to start worming? Would you know what to do if your bitch doesn’t know what to do?

We’ll be offering an HBA Mentoring Service, to anyone who is having puppies and needs a guiding hand throughout the process.

If you need more comprehensive help and guidance, from the day you decide to have puppies to the day they go to their new homes, or if you feel you want someone to be there when your puppies are born, then the HBA Whelping Service is for you.

The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is a voluntary registration service for hybrid dog breeders in the UK.  Our goal is to promote responsible breeding of hybrid dogs, exercising the highest standards of animal welfare and raise public awareness of the basic precautions that should be taken when buying a puppy.