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Promoting ethical breeding and responsible ownership of healthy dogs

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What is the Hybrid Breeders Association?

The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is an organisation whose primary goal is to promote responsible and ethical breeding of healthy dogs - whatever their breed.

We have therefore set out four main goals:

  1. To promote a Code of Ethics, based on the Five Freedoms, for breeders.
  2. To promote breed-specific DNA testing for parent dogs.
  3. To help the buying public make the right choices for their family circumstances.
  4. To expose illegal breeding practice and rid the UK of puppy farming.

Why is the HBA necessary?

Currently, there are no organisations dedicated to helping regulate hybrid dog breeding in the UK, and as a growing area of the dog breeding sector, we believe it’s vitally important to help promote best practice and offer support to breeders, while providing important information to people looking to home a hybrid dog.

When you are trying to find a puppy, it is sometimes difficult to know whether the breeder you have chosen is all that they say they are.  There are many stories of people buying puppies from seemingly respectable breeders, only to find out that their puppy was raised on a puppy farm, or that they have spent their entire lives in a shed or kennel without any human interaction. Often these puppies are separated from their mothers at an early age and suffer numerous health complications.  We want to stop this happening.

Health, Husbandry and Welfare

The HBA is not concerned with “breed standards” but with the breeder’s understanding of the health, husbandry and welfare of the dogs they breed (see the Five Freedoms). All HBA Registered Breeders work to a clear code of ethics with best practice compliance being monitored regularly.

The HBA aims to raise the standard of breeding for hybrid dogs by offering membership only to those breeders who adhere to our high standards. The assessment process is thorough, and once accepted and endorsed, HBA Registered Breeders can be relied upon as the Gold Standard of dog breeders.

The services provided by the HBA

For those looking to buy a puppy, we provide the security that HBA Registered Breeders have reached the high standards required by HBA, and that their puppies are healthy, socialised, home-bred and come from loving families who care as much about the on-going care of their puppies in their new homes, as they did when they raised them.

For the breeders themselves, HBA membership helps to ensure that they have reached our exacting breeding standards. We provide a template website, provide a portal to advertise their puppies, on-going support, education, whelping assistance and forums for chat with like-minded hybrid breeders.

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Who is the HBA?

The HBA was founded by Jules Hamilton. Having set up Lindens Puppies, raised hybrid dogs and listened to the stories of those trying to find a hybrid puppy from a quality breeder, Jules felt passionately about the importance of such an association.

Jules realised there was a need to provide a quality mark for hybrid breeders; a mark which guarantees that the breeder has passed an assessment, and a mark which tells a prospective puppy owner that the breeder in question has bred hybrid puppies from health-tested adults in a home environment, has keep them healthy, socialised, loved and raised responsibly and ethically.

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The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is a voluntary registration service for hybrid dog breeders in the UK.  Our goal is to promote responsible breeding of hybrid dogs, exercising the highest standards of animal welfare and raise public awareness of the basic precautions that should be taken when buying a puppy.